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Planning: Bathroom Renovations

Bathrooms are usually the smallest rooms in the home so owners can afford to splurge on luxurious finishes such as sleek vanities, high-end tile, sophisticated hardware, or even a fireplace. Today, there are more options to choose from than ever before and while that can be helpful, it can also be overwhelming. When looking at thousands of product samples, where do you start? And how do you create a cohesive, coordinated bathroom design?

Start with three basics:

   1. Infrastructure
       The location of existing plumbing, water lines and vent stacks will likely determine the...

15 Tips for Condo people with plants

I will admit it, I love my plant babies. I don't have pets , so these are the closest thing LOL. I have a mix of annuals and perennials during the spring and summer months, and I do try (in most cases) to transfer the perennials indoors prior to the onset of frost at night. I am in a smaller space (700 SF open concept_ . The living room does get full but they all survive and in some cases, flourish indoors through the winter (once they have gotten over the initial shock).

Here are some tips to ensure a smooth transition for your plants (I'm proud to say I do about 10 of these so far and...

The Best Margaritas in Toronto

Summer is here!  I love a cold refreshing margarita during the summer months. The best margaritas in Toronto can be found at a variety of establishments throughout the city. Here are some popular spots that are renowned for their exceptional margaritas:

1. El Catrin: 18 Tank House Lane

Located in the vibrant Distillery District, El Catrin is known for its extensive tequila selection and expertly crafted margaritas. The atmosphere is energetic, and the staff is knowledgeable about Mexican spirits.

2. Reposado: 136 Ossington Ave

This cozy tequila bar on Ossington Avenue is a...

Coping with Higher Interest Rates and Ideas for Saving

In the one-year period from May 2022 to May 2023, interest rates more than doubled. The prime rate (an average of the best rates of major commercial banks) rose from 3.2% to 6.7% while the underlying Bank of Canada overnight lending rate rose from 1% to 4.5%.

The effect on Canadian homeowners has been significant. Imagine a family makes monthly payments on a $300,000 variable rate mortgage with a 25-year amortization. At 3.2%, the monthly payment would be $1,450, but at 6.7%, the monthly payment becomes $2,046—a difference of $596 each month.

This is a dramatic increase in a short...

Welcome back, Summer! It's time to control those pesky WEEDS!

Wild invaders in our lawns, gardens and flowerbeds steal precious nutrients, water and sunlight from surrounding plants. Weeds are fast-growing and perfectly adapted to their local environment: they can often tolerate heat, a lack of water, and harsh winter weather. It can feel like a losing battle, but homeowners can turn the tide with a multi-step approach.

Limited tilling

Healthy Kitchen Resolutions

People frequently resolve to eat healthier by replacing processed food high in salt, sugar and saturated fat with fruits and vegetables. That is a wise choice and a great start, but what about the other kitchen habits that endanger health? 

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