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Concert and Jazz Band Online Lesson Plans

Here are the links to Google Drive for the APRIL 2020 (First Wave)  Plans:

Concert Band Grade 0.5  - 1  Performance Music

Concert Band Grade 2 - 3 Performance Music

Concert Band Grade 3.5 - 6 Performance Music

Concert Band Pop Movies TV Disney Broadway

Jazz Band Lesson Plan Questionnaire All Grades


Concert Band Lesson Plans SMART MUSIC TITLES

What are these Lesson Plans All About?

This is an on-going series of Google Docs , created for the purpose of Concert Band Repertoire review. Each document contains a piece of CONCERT BAND repertoire, multiple links to different recordings and when available , score/youtube/score and sound.

Each Google Doc is a questionnaire about the piece for review, analysis, reflection, comparison, and above all...CREATIVITY!

This is a series of LISTENING and INTERPRETIVE Lesson plans, for you and your students to continue with repertoire, even though there are no instruments, or venue.

There are three several categories to the questionnaire templates:
Junior: Concert Band rep levels 0.5-1.5                   Basic template is 10-11 Questions/Processes
Intermediate: Concert Band Rep levels 2-3           Basic template is 12-14 Questions/Processes
Senior: Concert Band Rep levels 3.5-6                   Basic template is 20-25 Questions/Processes

I have created these templates and documents for my colleagues to use, cut, paste, modify as you see fit for your program and situation. There are A LOT of questions on these sheets, particularly in the high level pieces of band music. While this project is a creation from Shashi Ramu, it is not copywritten. This is a free resource.

You may find it easy to cut and paste your selected questions into a Google form/Type form or a similar database program. PLEASE DO!  Please use this data in anyway you can. 

I am hoping that with the nature and multi-layering of questions (IE the “processes” which are basically 2-4 questions within one question, or research, etc) that you all can actually create far more lessons and assignments than the number of documents that are sitting in these three folders.

It dosen’t matter if your Grade 9's only play at a CB Gr. 1 level. Dosent matter if your 12's play Gr.2.5 level.
The questions are designed for your students to be creative, listen, and above all...use their imaginations.
There'll be some easy theoretical/technically driven questions in each level's template but the meat and potatoes comes from the listening analysis.

Just be aware – as you will see – that the Junior Band (Gr 0.5-1.5) questions are easier. They were originally written to be geared towards Ontario Elementary (Gr 7-8) and Manitoba Middle School (Gr 6-8) Instrumental programs. Feel free to mix and match and combine questions from all sheets/levels as you see fit for your classes.